Attorney General Garland testifies at House Judiciary Committee

Attorney General Merrick Garland testifies on Tuesday.
Attorney General Merrick Garland testifies on Tuesday. Jacquelyn Martin/AP

Attorney General Merrick Garland said he has never spoken to Hunter Biden, as a Republican lawmaker grilled him over the Department of Justice’s handling of the criminal investigation into the president’s son.

When GOP Rep. Ben Cline asked Garland if he spoke with the president’s son when they were both in attendance at a state dinner at the White House in May, Garland said, “I have never spoken to Hunter Biden in my life as far as I know.”

Garland also denied various accusations that Cline brought forward about DOJ’s handling of the case into the president’s son and maintained that he cannot discuss ongoing legal cases.

When asked if he attempted to obstruct the criminal investigation into Hunter Biden, Garland said, “absolutely not.”

Cline presented various claims brought forward by IRS whistleblowers who have alleged DOJ deviated from standard investigative procedure on the case, to which Garland said he did not know anything about those individuals and affirmed that special counsel David Weiss will be able to testify about the specifics.

On the accusation that his decision to appoint Weiss to be special counsel was connected to certain statue of limitations in the criminal case lapsing, Garland said, “there is no connection between whatever happened with the statute of limitations, which I don’t know about, and the appointment of Mr. Weiss.”


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