SEAN HANNITY: The government confirmed Hunter Biden’s laptop is real

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Fox News host Sean Hannity says Hunter Biden’s laptop was confirmed to be real in the federal gun case on “Hannity.” 

SEAN HANNITY: Don’t get distracted. Please pay very close attention to what I’m about to say because if you’re listening to the media mob and the pundits and Democratic hacks, they have no clue about what really happened in this Hunter Biden case, none at all. It’s deep. It is profound what has happened. 


The major story that they are not talking about or telling you about from Hunter Biden’s trial is not the conviction on gun crimes. Now, it’s important. That’s low-hanging fruit. The evidence in this case was overwhelming. It was incontrovertible and unlike Donald Trump, he had a fair venue, trial, judge with real charges, and not ones that were made up that you didn’t even know about. The critical development from this trial is one huge single piece of evidence entered into the official record by your U.S. government and that’s Hunter Biden’s very real laptop.  

Not only did the U.S. federal government confirm that Hunter’s laptop is real, they confirmed that its contents are real and the contents have not been tampered with by anybody. In other words, you were lied to on a very high level just before an election by numerous people and entire institutions. You were lied to by Hunter Biden himself. You were lied to by his father, your president, Joe Biden. You were lied to by NBC News, fake news CNN, NPR. Well, let’s just say pretty much everybody in the media mob. 


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