US Supreme Court Blocks New Restrictions on Widely Used Abortion Pill

The US Supreme Court granted emergency requests by the Justice Department and the abortion pill’s manufacturer to halt a lower court ruling that would have limited the availability of the widely used abortion drug mifepristone. The court’s order temporarily preserves the drug’s FDA approval, which anti-abortion groups are challenging, and maintains broad access to it while the legal challenge continues. More than half of all US abortions use the medication. The decision, which was opposed by conservative Justices Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito, is a victory for President Joe Biden’s administration as it defends reproductive rights.




NY Post


ASSOCIATED PRESSCanadian professor convicted in 1980 Paris synagogue bombing

A court in Paris has convicted Hassan Diab, a Lebanese-Canadian professor, in absentia on terrorism charges for a deadly bombing at a Paris synagogue in 1980. He was sentenced to life in prison. The bombing had killed four people and wounded 46, and for decades, it was one of France’s biggest unsolved crimes. The arrest warrant was issued against Diab, who denies wrongdoing and has been accused of planting the bomb outside the synagogue. French authorities accuse Diab of terrorist murder and being responsible for the attack, which was described as the first antisemitic terrorist attack in France since World War II. However, Diab’s lawyers say he was in Lebanon studying for university exams at the time of the attack and is a victim of mistaken identity. The defense witnesses, including a magistrate who investigated the case, testified that there was not enough evidence to convict Diab. The conviction came as a surprise to many in the court. The trial was a long-awaited opportunity for those touched by the attack to speak publicly about what happened.

REASONBiden’s Student Loan Pause Overwhelmingly Benefited Wealthier Americans

The student loan payment pause has been in place for over three years and was implemented by former President Donald Trump in March 2020. The pause has been extended six times, with the most recent extension until June 30, 2021, by President Joe Biden. According to a report by the Brookings Institution, the payment pause has mainly benefited more affluent Americans, as they tend to have larger student loan balances. This is because the pause applies to all federal loans and is less progressive than Biden’s proposed student loan relief plan, which would also largely benefit affluent Americans. Low-income borrowers may find it challenging to make payments when the pause ends because their financial circumstances may have changed significantly since they last made a payment. The extensions of the student loan pause serve as an example of how policies, even with good intentions, can have unintended consequences without a clear exit strategy.

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