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Israeli forces have intensified their operations in Gaza, advancing further into the territory with a focus on Gaza City, aiming at Hamas’ militant infrastructure and tunnel networks. A soldier held captive by Hamas militants has been freed, as stated by the Israeli military. The Prime Minister of Israel has rejected international calls for a ceasefire and expressed determination to continue the operations. Hamas is reportedly holding around 240 captives, and it has released a video showing some of them.

The humanitarian condition in Gaza remains severe, with airstrikes occurring near hospitals, causing damage and threatening the lives of patients and medical staff. An increased number of Palestinians are seeking shelter in hospitals and UN-run facilities, facing challenges such as lack of food, medicine, and essential services. Despite these challenges, aid convoys have been entering Gaza from Egypt, although they are insufficient to meet the needs of the population.

The military conflict has resulted in significant casualties on both sides, and there’s a reported increase in the death toll amongst Palestinians and Israelis since the escalation of violence. The ongoing conflict has led to regional concerns, with skirmishes reported between Israel and the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah, and heightened tensions observed in the West Bank.




The Kremlin accused Ukraine of playing a significant role in the recent anti-Israeli airport riots in Dagestan, Russia. Russian officials claimed that Ukrainians helped coordinate the unrest, but no evidence was provided. The riots disrupted flights and were characterized by antisemitic sentiments. Ukraine has been in conflict with Russia since 2022, and Ukrainian President Zelensky expressed concern about Russia’s culture of hatred toward other nations. Israel confirmed no Israeli citizens or Jews were on the affected flight, but Jewish passengers at the airport were scheduled for evacuation. The United States condemned the antisemitic protests at the airport, standing with the Jewish community against rising antisemitism worldwide.


The Guardian



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