New Milano SUV Is Alfa Romeo’s First Ever EV

  • The Milano is Alfa Romeo’s new entry-level crossover, positioned below the Tonale and the Stelvio. It is set to go on sale in Europe later this year, with no North American launch in sight.
  • It will be available in pure electric (Ellettrica) and mild-hybrid (Ibrida) versions, with up to 237 hp in the Ellettrica Veloce trim.
  • Built on the same Stellantis platform as the Jeep Avenger and Fiat 600, the Alfa Romeo Milano adopts a sportier stance to distinguish itself in the lineup.
  • Pricing will start from under €30,000 ($32,200), with leasing deals beginning at under €200 ($215) per month across all European markets.

Alfa Romeo has finally revealed the Milano, its highly anticipated subcompact SUV. Marking the brand’s first foray into the electric vehicle segment, the Milano becomes its smallest offering, joining the Giulia sedan and the larger Stelvio and Tonale crossovers in the Alfa Romeo lineup.

The Milano presents Alfa’s spin on a familiar approach adopted by various Stellantis brands and models such as the Opel/Vauxhall Mokka, Fiat 600, Peugeot 2008, and Jeep Avenger, all of which utilize the same CMP2 platform. The sub-compact (B-segment in Europe) crossover will be available in a choice of two electric powertrains or a 48-volt mild-hybrid gasoline option.

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The Milano aims to be the sportiest model in its highly-competitive class, especially in the flagship Ellettrica Veloce trim. This top-of-the-line variant boasts a 237 hp electric motor and a sharper chassis setup for enhanced handling. Beyond the fully electric versions available at launch, the Milano will also be offered in Ibrida form. This variant features a mild-hybrid powertrain paired to an automatic gearbox, and the option for all-wheel drive.

Styled To Impress

Alfa Romeo’s objective with the Milano was to captivate a new generation of consumers by embracing the latest design ethos of the Biscione brand. Though perhaps not as striking as its larger counterpart, the Tonale, the Milano boasts a visually compelling aesthetic characterized by intricate forms and bold detailing.

The front end is rather busy-looking due to the elongated matrix LED headlights which are interconnected with slim intakes via dark trim. The new scudetto grille is partly covered in the fully electric version, signalling the start of a new era. The front bumper is inspired by the Quadrifoglio versions of the Giulia and Stelvio, featuring large intakes and an integrated splitter.

The profile of the Milano is distinguished by its toned-up rear shoulders, large wheels, and greenhouse that seamlessly connects with the rear glass. While the latter boasts a steeper angle compared to traditional SUVs, it falls short of entering the coupe-SUV realm. Moving to the back, Alfa Romeo designers have chosen a “kamm tail” finish, reminiscent of the Giulia TZ. The black trim surrounding the taillights evokes elements of the 2025 Nissan Kicks, albeit with more “Italian” curves.

Measuring 4,170 mm (164.2 inches) long, 1,780 mm (70.1 inches) wide, and 1,500 mm (59.1 inches) tall, the Alfa Romeo Milano perfectly fits within the European B-SUV segment. It surpasses the Jeep Avenger by 86 mm (3.4 inches) in length, matches the length of the Fiat 600, and falls 134 mm (5.3 inches) shorter than the Peugeot 2008.

Sporty Yet Practical Interior

The interior, while less visually striking than the exterior, boasts a digital cockpit equipped with dual 10.25-inch displays. Alfa Romeo-specific touches, such as the distinctive graphics of the infotainment system and the Cannocchiale digital instrument cluster, try to set apart. The optional sports package includes Sabelt seats upholstered in Alcantara, while other trims offer Spiga vinyl and fabric upholstery paired with a leather steering wheel.

Alfa Romeo brags about the 400 lt (14 cubic feet) of boot space in the Milano, complemented by a convenient cable storage compartment under the hood of the Ellettrica variant. In terms of safety features, the Milano offers Level 2 ADAS, akin to its competitors in the subcompact SUV segment.

Electric And Mild Hybrid Powertrains

 New Milano SUV Is Alfa Romeo’s First Ever EV

The Milano lineup will include the Ellettrica, Ellettrica Veloce, and Ibrida versions. The Milano Ellettrica Veloce stands as the flagship model, equipped with a single electric motor with 237 hp (240 PS / 177 kW), matching the upcoming Abarth 600e and Lancia Ypsilon HF. Power is delivered to the front axle, aided by a Torsen mechanical self-locking differential and a set of high-performance 20-inch tires.

The Veloce-specific chassis setup boasts “the most direct steering in the segment” with a ratio of 14.6. The sports suspension, lowered by 25 mm (1 inch) compared to other Milano models, is complemented by front and rear anti-roll bars. Additionally, the front brakes feature larger 380 mm (15 inches) discs and four-piston monobloc calipers. Alfa Romeo asserts that the top-tier Milano will deliver class-leading driving dynamics akin to the discontinued Giulietta and Mito hatchbacks.

The entry-level Ellettrica produces a more restrained 154 hp (115 kW / 156 PS), with a 54 kWh lithium-ion battery offering 255 miles (410 km) of WLTP range and supporting up to 100 kW of charging speeds. These specs are identical to the army of similarly-sized EVs by nearly every Stellantis brand.

A Wimpy ICE Option

The combustion-powered Milano Ibrida will arrive in 2025 featuring a turbocharged 1.2-liter gasoline engine with a not so Alfa Romeo-worthy, 134 hp (100 kW / 136 PS) mated to a 48-volt battery and a 28 hp (21 kW / 28 PS) electric motor integrated within the six-speed dual-clutch automatic gearbox. Power will be transmitted to the front or all four wheels, similar to the upcoming Jeep Avenger 4Xe.

Unlike other Stellantis models, the Alfa Romeo Milano won’t be offered solely with an internal combustion engine (ICE), meaning it won’t come with a manual gearbox. The company also mentioned the availability of the Alfa DNA driving mode selector, but didn’t specify which Milano models will feature it.

Pricing and Availability

The Alfa Romeo Milano will be priced starting from under €30,000 ($32,200), with leasing options beginning at under €200 ($215) per month across all European markets. Moreover, special incentives will be available for owners of the MiTo and Giulietta looking to upgrade to the Milano.

Alfa Romeo also unveiled the Milano Speciale trim, featuring 18-inch wheels and an extensive list of standard equipment, which will be available at launch. Orders for both the Ellettrica Speciale and Ibrida Speciale versions of the Milano will commence on April 11 in Italy, with other European markets to follow in the coming weeks.