It’s Amazing The Ohio Police Didn’t Kill Anyone In This Wild Chase

Officers appeared reckless throughout the chase in just about every possible way

  • Ohio Police hit a fleeing Hyundai almost a dozen times during a pursuit before stopping it.
  • They also hit a parked truck belonging to a third party.
  • The two suspects captured were teenagers driving an allegedly stolen car.

Short of jumping off of a bridge this chase has just about everything one could imagine. The vehicle is an allegedly stolen Hyundai sedan and the departments chasing it are from Columbus and Whitehall Ohio. Over the course of about five minutes they smash the fleeing sedan, hit a parked truck, nearly crash into each other, and somehow finally get their suspects.

From the moment the dashcams are rolling the crashes begin. An officer in what appears to be a Ford Explorer tries to cut off the Hyundai coming his way. The policeman goes as far as to ram the sedan as it passes by. As he turns around another SUV cruiser attempts to hit the car but misses and the chase is on.

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These officers don’t have a GPS overlay on the footage, but it’s clear that they’re driving at speeds far above the speed limit. Each time the Hyundai makes a turn the officers appear to struggle to make the same maneuver while commanding control of their cars. In back-to-back turns, they nearly hit traffic as it sits motionless. As they line up to enter another turn they drive into the oncoming lanes, hit the curb, miss the suspect, and nearly oversteer into a fire truck.

At one point, an officer performs a PIT maneuver on the Hyundai and sends it sliding into another parked officer’s car. A second officer then hits the sedan but doesn’t disable it. Instead, the Hyundai drives away as that same officer seems to lose control at a very low speed before hitting a parked Chevrolet Colorado.

The remaining units then drive at high speed through an active construction zone in a residential area while openly admitting “I can’t see, I can’t see, I can’t F#@king see bro…”

At one point the Hyundai driver seals his fate though by turning onto a road with no traffic. Initially, the lead officer jumps up and performs a PIT maneuver that again, doesn’t work. Ultimately though, a second attempt just moments later sends the car into a tree. According to a report associated with the video, officers found two teenagers both with a history of incidents with stolen vehicles.

There’s no question that those who commit crimes need to be held accountable. At the same time, this video appears to show several moments where the public was put in serious danger by the officer’s behavior. Thankfully, everyone made it out alive.

Image Credit: PoliceActivity