Top 10 Best Selling EVs At CarMax: What Are People Trading In?


Searches for electric vehicles have increased 177 percent at CarMax over the last three years.

The Tesla Model 3 and Model Y are the most popular used EVs among buyers.

The most popular trade-in vehicles are the Ford F-150 and the Honda Accord.

Sales of new electric vehicles have been growing in recent years, which means that more and more become available on the secondhand market. Used car retail giant CarMax reports that searches for EVs on its website grew by 177 percent between 2021 and 2024.

In terms of what shoppers are actually buying, it won’t surprise you to learn that Tesla is well represented at the top of the used EV sales charts. The Tesla Model 3 is CarMax’s most popular secondhand EV in 2024, and the Model Y was the second-most popular.

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It wasn’t all good news for the American automaker, though. The Model X fell out of the top 10, and the Model S is just hanging on in ninth position, according to CarMax’s used EV sales data.

Reflecting the greater variety of EVs entering the market, the Nissan Leaf was the third-most popular used EV for the retailer, the VW ID.4 was the fourth-best selling model, and the Ford Mustang Mach-E rounded out the top five.

Top 10 Best-Selling Used EVs, 2024

RankModelAvg Price1Tesla Model 3$34,0452Tesla Model Y$43,8963Nissan Leaf$18,4654VW ID.4$31,5765Ford Mustang Mach-E$38,7136Audi e-tron$41,2057Chevrolet Bolt EUV$26,7768Chevrolet Bolt EV$22,5649Tesla Model S$45,57410Hyundai Ioniq 5$37,036Source: CarMax


The average sales prices for used EVs are falling, suggesting that consumers are looking for a good deal. In 2023, the average price range for battery-powered vehicles at CarMax was $22,000 to $72,000. In 2024, the average price is $22,000 to $46,000.

What’s fascinating about the retailer’s data is that it also included information about what vehicles are being traded in for EVs. The Ford F-150 and the Honda Accord share the top spot as the most traded in vehicle for a second-hand EV.

By vehicle type, most shoppers are getting rid of SUVs (39 percent) or sedans (31 percent) when they buy an EV. By brand, Toyota, Ford, and Honda drivers are the ones giving up their vehicles the most frequently.

By state, California leads the way in the secondhand market. It’s followed by its West Coast neighbors, Oregon and Washington. Nevadans are the fourth-most eager to buy a used EV, and buyers in Idaho are the fifth most EV hungry.

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