A Tesla Model Y ended its crazy course on a South California residence last Saturday, injuring a trio of passengers and causing damage to the home’s garage door and another vehicle that was parked on the driveway.

The incident took place in West Hills, Los Angeles at around 7 pm last Saturday. Footage from the home’s security camera made public by KTLA sheds light on the circumstances. The Tesla driver can be seen attempting something like a U-turn on the street, before losing control of the vehicle.

The EV accelerated hard towards the sidewalk, hitting the curve and going airborne for a brief moment. The Tesla landed on a parked Chrysler Pacifica minivan causing damage to its mirror and front door, and narrowly missed a parked Ford Edge SUV before it crashed into the garage door.

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As reported by Daily Mail, inside the Tesla were a 90-year-old man, an 82-year-old woman, and another woman of unspecified age. The three occupants, who were dressed in Hawaiian outfits, were reportedly injured and their current condition is unknown. Thankfully there were no other injuries as there was no traffic at all.

The cause of the accident hasn’t been specified, so it is not clear if this was a case of human error or if something went wrong with the vehicle’s electronics. We hope that the Tesla occupants have fully recovered from their injuries and that the owners of the house and the damaged vehicles get compensated by the insurance company.

It seems that cars are crashing into houses happens more often these days. Last week, a Toyota Corolla crashed into the second floor of a Pennsylvania house, after accelerating through a neighbor field and launching from a culvert.

 Out Of Control Tesla Slams Into Garage, Three Occupants Injured