No Need for Speed: Slow Down Campaign speeding up

What’s the rush?

While the race to the official start of summer is speeding up, Township officials want to make sure vehicle speeds stay low to keep residential neighborhoods safe.

The annual Slow Down Campaign is inspired by the national “Keep Kids Alive Drive 25” program. It is designed to make streets safer for all who walk, cycle, play, drive, and ride. This is done by educating and actively engaging citizens in a common commitment to create safer streets for the benefit of all.

The campaign begins with over 50 members of the Township’s Neighborhood Forum Group, but any group of three or more neighborhoods can participate.

Using radar speed signs, hundreds of yard signs will be placed throughout various neighborhoods, as well as an increased police presence from the Cranberry Township Police Department.  This year’s summer campaign is set for June 7-21, coinciding with the end of the Seneca Valley School District academic year.

The radar signs are moved every day to different neighborhoods, and the data gathered is used as the basis for making changes to the program or stepping up awareness of the initiative.

The program is funded through local business sponsorships and the Cranberry Township Community Chest. Participating neighborhoods in the past include Winchester Farms, Marshall Woods, The Glenn at Woodside, Woodbine Estates, Glenbrook Manor, Freedom Woods, Hampshire Woods, Hazelwood Farms, Crossings, Ehrman Farms, Havenwood, Cranberry West, Winchester Farms, Winchester Lakes, Pinehurst, Kingsbrook, Timberline, Oakview Estates, Cranberry Heights, Bristol Creek, Orchard Park, and Autumn Hill.

There is still time to sign up for the Summer Campaign, and the Fall Campaign is scheduled for August 22-September 5.

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