Dr. Saphier calls out 'disingenuous' White House for not giving Biden full cognitive test

Fox News medical contributor Dr. Nicole Saphier joined “Outnumbered” Monday to discuss concerns over President Biden’s mental fitness and why it is “disingenuous” that it has not been addressed by the White House. Saphier responded to a new poll showing Biden’s approval rating at a new low of 36%, with 63% of respondents saying the president is not mentally fit for another term in office.


DR. NICOLE SAPHIER: Republicans need to get out of their own way if they actually want to win this election. President Biden won the last election by hiding in his basement. … And as the polling suggests, the president’s physical health is declining and this isn’t just us speaking in hyperbole. You look at the White House, the physicals in 2021, his gait was worsening. In 2022, they said he had stiffer hamstrings, but I could really care less if the president can touch his toes. It’s very disingenuous that they continue to not mention his mental acuity and not giving him a full cognitive evaluation. They completely leave that out. 

U.S. President Joe Biden

U.S. President Joe Biden speaks during a State of the Union address at the US Capitol in Washington, DC, US, on Tuesday, Feb. 7, 2023. Biden is speaking against the backdrop of renewed tensions with China and a brewing showdown with House Republicans over raising the federal debt ceiling.  (Photographer: Jacquelyn Martin/AP/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

And any 80-year-old man is supposed to be having one at his physicals and so going into this election cycle, yes, we need to continue to have these full physical and mental examinations. But again, on top of that, with the bad policies that have left us in economic turmoil, you have a border with a lot of chaos. You have a running mate who polls less than Joe Biden does. They can still win if you continue to have infighting in the Republican Party. And the Republicans need to come forward, unify, and have a solid message on what they are going to do to improve the system.

President Biden was deemed to be “healthy” and “vigorous” in his latest physical conducted in February but medical experts have pointed out his doctor didn’t mention the president’s mental status.

Speaking with Fox News Digital after examining the results of the exam, Dr. Janette Nesheiwat, a family and emergency medical professional and Fox News contributor, questioned how Biden performed on his “mini mental status exam.”

“How did he do on that? What was his score? I would like to know,” she said. “Physical, mental, emotional health are all as equally important.

“The job of the presidency is a very demanding stressful job,” she added. “We must ensure our leader is physically mentally and emotionally capable, especially when it comes to, decisions, regarding life and death and the overall health, safety, and well-being of our nation.”



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