Trump endorses McCarthy after three failed speaker votes

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Former President Donald Trump on Wednesday pushed Republicans to vote for Kevin McCarthy to become House speaker, a day after the GOP leader struck out in three straight votes for the gavel.

“Some really good conversations took place last night, and it’s now time for all of our GREAT Republican House Members to VOTE FOR KEVIN, CLOSE THE DEAL, TAKE THE VICTORY” Trump said in a post on Truth Social, the social media platform he helped found.

Trump’s endorsement comes at a critical moment for McCarthy (R-Calif.) as a handful of Republicans stand in the way of his road to the speaker’s gavel. The House adjourned without a speaker for the first time in a century Tuesday night as McCarthy failed in three consecutive votes to secure the position — facing opposition from the far-right wing of his party, which are pushing for Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) to take the gavel.

Republicans are now expected to resolve the leadership dispute behind closed doors, with McCarthy and his allies already in talks with the 20 dissenters before the House resumes at noon on Wednesday.

It was unclear whether Trump — who had initially endorsed McCarthy’s bid for speaker — would continue to support his longtime ally after the three failed votes, telling NBC on Tuesday that “we’ll see what happens.” But even with Trump’s reaffirmed support, the sway he could have is yet to be seen as the former president’s own position in the GOP has weakened following a disappointing performance in the midterms among candidates he endorsed.


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7 Smoothie Ingredients You Should Be Buying at Trader Joe’s


Grocery stores seem to have reached a new level of fandom in recent years, but none have star power quite like Trader Joe’s. Whether you go for the affordable prices, stellar nut butter selection, skin care products, or friendly, Hawaiian shirt-clad crew members, TJ’s is always buzzing with customers and exciting new products.

While some of our all-time favorite items to shop at Trader Joe’s are their seasonal options (Gluten-Free Pumpkin Coffee Cake, anyone?), nothing quite beats the simple, nourishing staples that we can’t go a week without buying.

Speaking of which, know that Trader Joe’s is an especially great destination for those who enjoy daily or at least regular smoothies. While we’ve all seen plenty of $20 celebrity smoothie recipes on social media, shopping at Trader Joe’s helps us save money on our smoothie habit instead of hemorrhaging it. Read on to discover the top Trader Joe’s smoothie ingredients that will help ensure that your morning or post-workout smoothie is as delicious, nutrient-rich, and affordable as possible.

1. Organic Seeds

Enhancing your smoothie with seeds such as chia, flax, and hemp is a great way to up the omega-3, protein, fiber, vitamin, and mineral content, plus it also brings some more longevity-boosting antioxidants to your blender. Trader Joe’s is a top place to stock up on these often pricey products as you’ll likely be able to find organic versions for cheaper than the conventional stuff at your local health food store. Pro tip: Make sure to add more liquid if you’re trying them out in your go-to recipe to keep it from getting overly thick.

2. Wild Blueberries

Berries have long been heralded for their antioxidant and fiber content, but wild blueberries seem to take top prize for helping us stave off inflammation. They offer 33 percent more anthocyanin, the powerful antioxidant responsible for giving berries their vibrant colors, than traditional blueberries and have a punchier, tangier taste to boot. Trader Joe’s sells them in the frozen section for an impressive $3.49 per 12-ounce bag for boosting the flavor, texture, and nutrient density of your morning smoothie.

3. Frozen Acai Packets

We love an acai bowl as much as the next person, but not all the added sugar that goes into the base at some of the local juice spots. (Some acai outposts actually use “sorbet” or sugar-laden powders instead of the pure frozen fruit.) Thankfully, TJ’s has us covered with packets of organic, unsweetened acai puree in the freezer aisle. A 14-ounce bag of four acai puree pouches will set you back just $4.49. Simply blend two packets with a banana, milk of choice and any favorite powders and you have a cost-effective, nutritious base for creating a colorful bowl of goodness.

4. Yogurt

Whether you prefer a fat-free Greek, a full-fat European style, or a non-dairy yogurt, Trader Joe’s has plenty of options for every smoothie lover. Prices start at just 99 cents for five-ounce containers of yogurt and there are plenty of affordable organic options as well. Using yogurt—particularly Greek and Skyr—will up the protein content and creaminess of your morning smoothies without having to rely on expensive powders that often come with strange aftertastes. Plus, yogurt offers a host of health benefits, including boosting your gut, heart, and bone health.

5. Nut Butters

If you’ve ever been burned by a $15 price tag when buying a jar of almond butter, you know all too well that this stuff can get pricey—but not when you buy it at Trader Joe’s. From classic crunchy peanut butter to creamy cashew, TJ’s has a pretty impressive range of nut butter options for whatever you’re craving. We especially love the brand’s creamy raw almond butter which sets you back less than $6.50 per jar, and you can find the regular stuff for $4.49—less than half of what most other generic store brands offer. Adding a big spoonful of your go-to nut butter will not only add creaminess and delicious flavor, but you’ll enjoy a boost of healthy fat, protein, fiber, plus an array of vitamins and minerals depending on which nut you choose.

6. Organic Spices

Adding spices like cinnamon, cardamom, and ginger to morning smoothies is a great way to sneak in some longevity-boosting goodness without having to have a roster of expensive functional foods and powders. Spices are one of the most polyphenol-rich foods in the world, helping to fight free radicals, stave off inflammation, and even protect the health of our brains. You can shop organic versions at Trader Joe’s for around $2 per jar.

7. Bananas

Bananas offer an electrolyte boost from potassium and magnesium, plus they’re a good source of vitamin B6, and they feature prebiotic fiber to support a healthy gut. Plus, the magnesium and tryptophan content can help support restorative sleep patterns. Trader Joe’s is famous for offering incredible deals on the fruit, often selling them for as little as 19 cents per pound, so stock up on your next trip, and slice up several for the freezer to ensure extra-creamy smoothies and that no banana goes unused before it turns black.

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How to avoid being duped by robocalls now and forever

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Nothing is more disturbing than answering your phone only to be greeted by an automated recording informing you that there is a warrant out for your arrest and that you owe the government thousands of dollars in back taxes. 


This message is not actually from the government. It is just one of the many illegal robocalls aiming to steal your money or personal information like your social security number. Even worse, these despicable scammers target older Americans and those more susceptible to their con game.

The good news is robocalls are on the decline, primarily helped by the FCC taking an important step in fighting robocalls by requiring phone providers to implement STIR/SHAKEN. What is that, you ask?

STIR/SHAKEN is an industry-standard caller ID authentication technology, which is a set of technical standards and protocols that allow for the authentication and verification of caller ID information for calls carried over Internet Protocol, or IP, networks.


While this proved largely effective, seeing many people receive calls labeled as “SPAM” or “SCAM LIKELY,” scammers seem to be working their way around several voice service providers using analog instead of digital technology.

Simple as this sounds, this is the easiest way of avoiding a potentially dangerous call. Most carriers now have a way of identifying robocalls by identifying them as “Spam Risk” or the like. Another way they try to get you is by using your local area code, sometimes even the first three digits of your or a family member’s phone number, to entice you to answer. Making it all the more important for you to take an extra careful look at the number on your screen.

Another way around this is by blocking unknown phone numbers in your phone settings.

For iPhone users: To silence unknown callers:


For Android users: To silence unknown callers:

*Settings may vary depending on your Android phone’s manufacturer.

One thing that is important to remember should you use this feature is that it not only blocks potential SPAM callers, but it also blocks any unknown phone number you have never called or texted. So you might want to think twice about enabling this if you’re expecting a call from someone from whom you haven’t received a call or text.

Should an unknown number have called you and not left a voice message, it’s more than likely it was a robocall. While other robocalls go directly to voicemail with a threatening or enticing message, urging those truly vulnerable to act fast. Either way, you can manually block these numbers on an iPhone by:


Several wireless carriers provide their own free robocall scanning and blocking services. Among them:

Several third-party apps can help protect you from scam artists. Among our most recommended include:

In a somewhat unprecedented move, the FCC effectively blocked Global UC from the entire U.S. phone network. Global UC provides low-cost, international calling services to over 200 businesses internationally. However, in an order released on Nov. 22, FCC reported that Global UC has failed to comply with several regulations to control robocalls in the U.S. As a result, by failing to implement caller ID verification technology or giving the FCC explanations on its current attempts to fight robocalls. Global UC has, intentionally or not, allowed robocall scammers to make calls through their system and has profited from them. 


In addition, the order went on to say that while Global UC certified that they had implemented the above-mentioned STIR/SHAKEN technology, the document they provided only featured a description of STIR/SHAKEN, and included no actual information about how they intended to use it, or any robocall mitigation plan. 

As a result, Global UC is no longer part of the Robocalls Mitigation database, and other carriers are now forbidden to accept traffic from them.

After several notable threats to phone service providers for failure to comply, this is the first time the government has formally blocked a voice provider, marking a hopeful sign of bringing spam robocalls to an end. With the order preventing providers from accepting phone traffic from Global UC, the move could be hugely detrimental to their business, as they rely on sending calls to other networks to turn a profit.


Have you had success combating robocallers? Comment below.

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Jim Cramer’s top 10 things to watch in the market Wednesday: Tech layoffs, bank double downgrade, opportunities in industrials

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My top 10 things to watch Wednesday, Jan. 4, 2023 1. Wall Street looks to bounce after starting the first trading week of the new year with a decline. Club holding Apple (AAPL), Tesla (TSLA) and other mega-cap tech stocks sank Tuesday. Though many of them were trying to rebound in the premarket. 2. Salesforce (CRM) announces the beginning of what we have been looking for from the Club holding. The company is layoff 10% of its staff and closing some offices in a restructuring. Co-founder Marc Benioff, soon-to-be solo CEO, admits to over-hiring during the Covid pandemic. A very serious letter to employees. 3. UBS sees slowing growth at Azure, Microsoft ‘s (MSFT) cloud computing offering. Analysts lower their rating on the tech giant to neutral from buy and their price target to $250 per share from $300. Does this Club name have much further to fall having fallen already? Goes to what multiple? We will kick that around on “The Homestretch,” our new audio feature to get you ready for the final hour of trading. 4. Wolfe Research double-downgrades Morgan Stanley (MS) to underperform from outperform (sell from buy). Analysts say the Club name seems rich. We think the new MS is a gem that does well in a slowdown because CEO James Gorman has set it up that way. 5. Club holding Emerson Electric (EMR) downgraded to neutral from buy on less opportunistic optionality at UBS. The research firm sees order slowdowns. We don’t see it and will most likely buy some. We have been waiting for downgrades on industrials, which went on a late 2022 run. Analysts also cut price target to $100 per share from $118. 6. UBS takes Club name Honeywell (HON) to sell from buy, looking for order compression. We disagree. Honeywell has been a huge win because of aerospace orders and firepower. How can they make it a sell? Might be an opportunity for new members to buy. Analysts trim price target to $193 per share from $220. 7. Nucor (NUE) started with a buy at Bank of America. We’ve been thinking about getting back into this name after making a great deal of money. BofA says it can rebound. We see it as a function of the government’s infrastructure efforts. The estimates are well below what NUE can do. BofA put U.S. Steel (X) on the sell list; Cleveland-Cliffs (CLF) as a neutral. 8. GE HealthCare Technologies (GEHC) starts Wednesday. The company split from General Electric (GE) is slow growing like Medtronic (MDT), not like Club holding Danaher (DHR). GE wants to concentrate on its aviation business. It plans to spin off energy next year. 9. BofA raises Merck (MRK) rating to buy from neutral and price target to $130 per share from $110. Now? After its historic run? Sloppy, sloppy, sloppy. Analysts downgrade Pfizer (PFE) to neutral from buy. In pharmaceuticals and health care, we like and own Eli Lilly (LLY) and Johnson & Johnson (JNJ). 10. Wells Fargo downgrades Target (TGT) to equal weight from overweight (hold from buy), says there is meaningful deceleration. Analysts cut price target to $142 per share from $170. Could this be the company most affected by the slowdown? Not clear. We own and like off-price retailer TJX Companies (TJX). (Jim Cramer’s Charitable Trust is long AAPL, CRM, MSFT, MS, EMR, HON, DHR, LLY, JNJ and TJX. See here for a full list of the stocks.) As a subscriber to the CNBC Investing Club with Jim Cramer, you will receive a trade alert before Jim makes a trade. Jim waits 45 minutes after sending a trade alert before buying or selling a stock in his charitable trust’s portfolio. If Jim has talked about a stock on CNBC TV, he waits 72 hours after issuing the trade alert before executing the trade. THE ABOVE INVESTING CLUB INFORMATION IS SUBJECT TO OUR TERMS AND CONDITIONS AND PRIVACY POLICY , TOGETHER WITH OUR DISCLAIMER . NO FIDUCIARY OBLIGATION OR DUTY EXISTS, OR IS CREATED, BY VIRTUE OF YOUR RECEIPT OF ANY INFORMATION PROVIDED IN CONNECTION WITH THE INVESTING CLUB. NO SPECIFIC OUTCOME OR PROFIT IS GUARANTEED.

My top 10 things to watch Wednesday, Jan. 4, 2023

1. Wall Street looks to bounce after starting the first trading week of the new year with a decline. Club holding Apple (AAPL), Tesla (TSLA) and other mega-cap tech stocks sank Tuesday. Though many of them were trying to rebound in the premarket.

2. Salesforce (CRM) announces the beginning of what we have been looking for from the Club holding. The company is layoff 10% of its staff and closing some offices in a restructuring. Co-founder Marc Benioff, soon-to-be solo CEO, admits to over-hiring during the Covid pandemic. A very serious letter to employees.

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Mastermind of ‘Varsity Blues’ college admissions scheme to be sentenced

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William “Rick” Singer leaves the federal courthouse after facing charges in a nationwide college admissions cheating scheme in Boston, Massachusetts, U.S., March 12, 2019.
Bryan Snyder | Reuters

William Rick Singer, the mastermind of a nationwide college admissions cheating scheme, will be sentenced in a federal courtroom in Boston Wednesday.

His sentencing is scheduled for 2:30 p.m.

Singer, 62, had pleaded guilty in March 2019 to charges including racketeering conspiracy and money laundering conspiracy in connection with the scandal, dubbed Operation Varsity Blues. He cooperated with the government’s investigation and wore a wire for the FBI.

The operation involved bribes, cheating on entrance exams, and fraudulently getting unqualified applicants into schools as elite recruited athletes.

Prosecutors had asked Singer to serve six years while defense attorneys requested three years of probation or a maximum of six months behind bars. 

If he gets six years in jail, it’ll be the longest sentence handed down in the case so far, followed by former Georgetown University tennis coach Gordon Ernst, who got 2 1/2 years in prison for pocketing more than $3 million in bribes.

More from NBC News:

Atmospheric river expected to trigger ‘bomb cyclone’ and more flooding in CaliforniaAmber McLaughlin, the first openly transgender person to be executed in the U.S., dies by lethal injectionCould ‘magic mushrooms’ treat severe depression? A major study aims to find out.

Though never called as a witness by prosecutors in the cases that went to trial, he will have a chance to address the court before the judge hands down his sentence. 

So far, more than 50 people, including parents and coaches, have been convicted in the case. The cheating scheme ensnared Hollywood with actors Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman charged in the case.

Singer allegedly raked in more than $25 million from his clients, paid bribes totaling more than $7 million and used more than $15 million of his clients’ money for his own benefit, prosecutors said. 

In a letter filed Dec. 29 along with his defense’s sentencing memorandum, Singer said he now lives in a trailer park and can’t get a job, despite more than 1,000 attempts, because of his role in Operation Varsity Blues. 

“For most of my life, if not all of it, I have thrived on winning at all costs,” he wrote. “My moral compass was broken and, increasingly over time, choosing right over wrong became less important than doing whatever had to be done to be recognized as the ‘best.'”

By getting caught, he has been provided “the opportunity for insight, atonement, and redemption,” he wrote.

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Ocasio-Cortez on conversations with Gosar, Gaetz: ‘In chaos, anything is possible’

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Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) on Tuesday said, “In chaos, anything is possible,” after she was seen in floor conversations with GOP Reps. Paul Gosar (Ariz.) and Matt Gaetz (Fla.) during the vote for House Speaker. 

Ocasio-Cortez received some attention on Twitter for talking with the two Republican congressmen with whom the New York lawmaker has had contentious relationships in the past.

The two Republicans are among the chief opponents of House GOP leader Kevin McCarthy becoming the Speaker.

She told MSNBC’s Alex Wagner in an interview that the discussion concerned what actions Democrats might take as the Speaker vote continued, including whether they might “defect” to support McCarthy or leave the floor. She said she told them that Democrats would remain on the floor and behind House Democratic leader Hakeem Jeffries (N.Y.) for Speaker. 

“I think what was important today was to send the message that we were united behind Hakeem Jeffries as the now-minority leader or as the leader of the Democrats in that there would be no defections, that Democrats are here, we’re not going anywhere,” she said. 

“If they want to play ball, we’re open to that,” she added. 

The race for Speaker was thrown into chaos on Tuesday after the House failed to choose its leader on the first ballot for the first time in a century. The election has only ever gone to more than one ballot once since the Civil War. 

McCarthy has received just above 200 votes in each of the three rounds of voting thus far, but he is still short of the threshold he needs to win the Speakership. Jeffries has won more votes for Speaker than McCarthy, 212, because all Democrats have voted for him, but he is still short of winning the 218 majority. 

McCarthy tried to win over support from the remaining Republican House members but he was unable to gather enough support ahead of Tuesday’s vote.

All members of the House voted Tuesday, meaning that the winner of the Speaker race needed 218 votes to be chosen. That number would be lower if any members were absent or voted present. 

A spokesperson for Ocasio-Cortez told CNN that she told Gosar that Democrats did not have any plan to leave the floor or vote present. 

Ocasio-Cortez and Gosar have butted heads in the past, notably after he shared an anime video online in November 2021 that was edited to show him killing her and swinging swords at President Biden. She called on the House to censure Gosar over the video, saying that the body must show it does not tolerate violence. 

Gosar claimed that the video was symbolic of the battle over immigration. He said he does not “espouse violence” toward anyone but did not apologize. 

The House censured Gosar and removed him from committee assignments over the video.

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Here are Wednesday’s biggest analyst calls: Apple, Tesla, Rivian, Target, Microsoft, Etsy & more

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Here are the biggest calls on Wall Street on Monday: UBS downgrades Microsoft to neutral from buy UBS said in its downgrade of the stock that it’s concerned about Microsoft Office risks. “We are downgrading our rating on Microsoft shares to a Neutral from a Buy on the back of a weaker round of field checks on the cloud providers including Azure, a view that Office seat growth is likely to moderate in 2023 and that Microsoft’s multiple already feels fair, not cheap.” Wells Fargo downgrades Target to equal weight from overweight Wells said in its downgrade of the stock that it sees too much 2023 uncertainty. ” TGT’s outlook has deteriorated meaningfully and we no longer see it as an attractive investment into an uncertain 2023.” Read more about this call here . Wolfe downgrades Goldman Sachs to peer perform from outperform and Morgan Stanley to underperform from outperform Wolfe says it’s turning more cautious on the big banks. “We are more cautious on the large cap banks and see risk to cons. on NII (net interest income), capital markets, and credit; also cautious on Basel 4 risk. Downgrading both GS (to PP from OP) and MS (to UP from OP). Upgrading BK to OP from PP (Upside on NII, Buyback).” Read more about this call here. Raymond James upgrades Maxeon Solar to outperform from market perform Raymond James said in its upgrade of the solar company that investors should buy the dip. “upgrading Maxeon Solar (MAXN) from Market Perform to Outperform, following the stock’s steep drop from the initial euphoria created by the Inflation Reduction Act.” Macquarie reiterates Disney as outperform Macquarie says it thinks shares will recover if the company can execute. “We believe the stock can recover if Disney sticks to plan on DTC profitability.” Credit Suisse upgrades Corning to outperform from neutral Credit Suisse said in its upgrade of the stock that it sees supply chains improving. “Based on conversations with other companies in our coverage we believe supply shortages are improving and lead times have shortened. Combined with production challenges, 2022 smartphone and auto production was limited, pressuring Corning’s topline and creating an upward bias for 2023 growth. Morgan Stanley reiterates Rivian as overweight Morgan Stanley says it’s standing by shares of the electric vehicle after it reported production and delivery numbers. ” Rivian’s 4Q production and delivery numbers came in below both the Street and MSe, and left the company just short of its own FY22 goals.” RBC reiterates Tesla as outperform RBC lowered its price target on shares of Tesla to $186 per share from $225 and says the company’s “deliveries miss, could spark lower mid-term expectations.” “4Q22 deliveries of 405.3k wasn’t too far off from our 408.5k forecast but was ~3% shy of sell-side consensus expectations.” Bank of America downgrades Pfizer to neutral from buy Bank of America said in its downgrade of Pfizer that it’s now a “show me” story. “From COVID Darling to a ‘Show Me’ Launch Story; Downgrade to Neutral.” Read more about this call here . Bank of America upgrades Merck to buy from neutral Bank of America said in its upgrade of Merck that it sees “top tier” revenue growth. “We are upgrading MRK to Buy from Neutral based on continuation of strong growth trends seen last year.” Read more about this call here. New Street initiates Amazon as buy New Street named the stock as a top pick and says it sees more share gains in 2023. “We see AMZN beginning to gain eCommerce share again exiting 2023 as it takes advantage of a massive expansion of logistics and fulfilment investment from 2019-2022.” UBS downgrades JB Hunt to neutral from buy UBS said in its downgrade of the shipping company that it sees volume and pricing risk. “Lower contract pricing & accessorials drive downside EPS & risk for JBHT and HUBG.” Stifel names Meta a top 2023 pick Stifel says it sees Meta rebounding in 2023. “Our top picks as we start 2023 remain CRTO (retail media) and TTD (CTV, continued share gains), and we expect META to rebound this year as ATT (app tracking transparency) headwinds ease, and we believe the TikTok threat should moderate somewhat.” Needham upgrades Etsy to buy from neutral Needham said in its upgrade of the stock that its exiting the pandemic as a stronger company. “Multiple contraction drove most of ETSY’s share underperformance in ’22 (EV/Sales and EV/EBITDA multiples contracted by 30%+ while est. revisions for Sales and Adj. EBITDA compressed by only 10%) as its model is proving to be sticky in keeping pandemic gains.” Jefferies downgrades Boston Beer to underperform from hold Jefferies said in its downgrade of the stock that its concerned about a hard seltzer recovery. ” SAM to Underperform; Seltzer Struggles to Weigh on Recovery: Hard seltzer category has yet to ‘bottom’ suggesting risk to Street ests. and deleverage to prolong co.’s GM % recovery.” Wells Fargo downgrades Norfolk Southern to equal weight from overweight Wells says it sees too many headwinds for shares of Norfolk. “Our downgrade is based on the view that (1) Volumes unlikely to outperform peers and could underperform given exposure to intermodal and coal; (2) Focus on consistent resourcing through cycles to improve competitive positioning in the upcycle could weigh on operating leverage near term.” UBS downgrades Honeywell to sell from buy UBS said in its downgrade of the stock that the multiple is “inflated.” “Downgrade HON shares to Sell (from Buy) on full valuation, anticipated order slowdown & subsequent backlog burn. UBS reiterates Amazon as buy UBS lowered its price target on the e-commerce giant to $125 per share from $165 but says it’s standing by the stock. “We reduce our ests and PT on AMZN post a round of cloud checks spearheaded by the UBS Software team and cleaning up our ests post 3Q.” Goldman Sachs upgrades Charles Schwab to buy from neutral Goldman said in its upgrade of the stock it sees underappreciated earnings. “We upgrade SCHW and BK to Buy from Neutral on under-appreciated earnings and capital return opportunities through 2024.” Citi reiterates Caterpillar as buy Citi says investors should buy the dip in shares of Caterpillar . “The stock’s recent outperformance has reduced the upside potential, but we would be buyers on pull-backs.” Needham names Chewy a top pick for 2023 Needham says the pet company is underappreciated. “CHWY (top line driven by both price and units, Street underappreciates margin inflection, ~1/3 of the float short). CHWY is our top pick for ’23.” Jefferies reiterates Apple as outperform Jefferies says Apple is “resilient.” “We continue to like Apple’s strong position in premium smartphones as demand has remained resilient versus the broader handset market against macro uncertainty.” Wells Fargo names Bank of America as a top 2023 pick Wells says the stock is “best-in-class” for 2023. ” BAC should show near best-in-class growth in NII (net interest income), profit margin, and core EPS growth.”

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Busy Philipps shares shocking video footage of her falling down steps: ‘How am I not dead?’

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Busy Philipps is boldly getting back up after experiencing a traumatic fall.

The “Dawson’s Creek” alum took to Instagram on New Year’s Eve to share a video of her home security footage during the terrifying moment.

In the video, what appears to be a dog ran down the stairs, and Philipps tumbled down immediately after. 


While the 43-year-old actress stood up after she tripped, objects such as pumpkins are seen rolled into the streets following Philipps’ fall.

After the “White Chicks” star had a moment to process the fall, she pulled out her phone, petted the dog and walked back up the stairs.

She was seen wearing a sparkly dress with a black jacket over and black boots.


Philipps posted the shocking video with the song “I Know The End” by Phoebe Bridgers.

Her celebrity friends reacted to the Instagram post and made a few encouraging comments.

Netflix’s “Queer Eye” star Jonathan Van Ness said, “But the pop up was so hardcore! Ear rings check / ears attached still, okay going back to watch again.”

“Hamilton” actress Renée Elise Goldsberry responded with a sweet reaction, “You posted it! Brava! How you get back up is what matters! Thx for your shining example!”


The “Busy Philipps is Doing Her Best” podcast host got candid about the fall during an October episode titled “Busy Almost DIED!”

Philipps compared her fall to the meme of a fake Jason Derulo tripping on the Met Gala steps that surfaced on the internet. 

“That is literally in my head what was happening. I was flying … when I landed on the sidewalk, I was like looking up at the trees, and I was like, ‘How am I not dead?'” she questioned.


Although Philipps did not sustain any injuries, she expressed on her podcast that she is happy her life did not end after the fall.

“I’m not gonna f—ing die falling down stairs, I can’t. What a bummer. It’s not for me.”


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Credit Suisse upgrades Corning, says optics stock is leaving challenges behind in 2022

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Investors can expect a clear path forward for Corning , according to Credit Suisse. Analyst Shannon Cross upgraded shares to outperform from neutral, saying the company’s previous challenges no longer weigh on the stock. “[We] believe a number of our prior concerns are now behind the company or baked into the stock’s current multiple of 13x forward EPS (versus 2019-2021 average of 16x),” Cross wrote in a Wednesday note. Instead, there are now several tailwinds that could boost shares of Corning in 2023, including multiyear government funding opportunities in optical communications, which has exhibited double-digit growth in the last seven quarters. “[We] believe investors are expecting revenue to be flat in 4Q22 given timing of carrier installations. We forecast growth to reaccelerate through 2023 aided by multi-year government funding programs (~$85B allocated to broadband in the US) and overall growing network/cloud demand,” Cross wrote. Meanwhile, TV panel production is expected to recover after hitting a 14-year low in September, which could further support the stock. “We expect declines to moderate from down 28% in 3Q22 and return to growth in 2Q23,” Cross said. Other advantages for the stock include a weakening yen, a reopening in China, government funding for solar and semiconductor projects and stronger supply chains, according to the note. Corning shares were down roughly 12% in 2022. The analyst’s $36 price target suggests more than 10% upside from Tuesday’s closing price. The stock is up nearly 3% in Wednesday premarket trading. —CNBC’s Michael Bloom contributed to this report.

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