Can You Believe This Rivian R1T Repair Cost $21,000?


A Rivian R1T owner took his truck to a certified repair shop after a minor accident.

The repair bill ended up costing $21,149.16.

A breakdown of the work shows over 94 hours of labor.

The Rivian R1T is a rugged truck with some wild capabilities. Equally wild though can be the repair bill that results from body damage. When a semi-trailer collided with an R1T, the owner sought repair at a certified shop. The resulting bill totaled $21,149.16, exceeding the cost of an entirely new Kia Soul ($20,190)!

It’s unclear exactly how or where the accident happened, but the damage to the rear quarter is significant. It includes a broken light housing, a large dent in the side of the bed, a gash in the corner of the body, and what appears to be a buckled tailgate. No doubt, a repair of this nature would probably cost thousands on just about any vehicle.

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At the same time, it’s hard to fathom how it could end up costing $21,149.16 in this case. The final bill shared on Reddit shows 94.1 hours of labor time at various rates anywhere from $120 to $195 per hour. The parts alone were $4,580.95. Before tax, the repair was $19,209.05. The owner believes that part of the high price had to do with where the Rivian was hit.

Source Tortito/Reddit

The rear sides of the R1T are physically the same piece that ultimately sits above the front doors. In this case, the repair shop confirmed to the owner that they cut that panel and then reworked it with a new rear half. Finishing such a big job clearly isn’t easy and doesn’t come cheap. Evidently, the shop sent its techs to Rivian’s plant in Normal, Illinois for a week of training.

To the shop’s credit, the repair looks great and the owner says they did a great job too. Frankly, they should for that kind of cash. Perhaps it’s repairs like these that are, in part, driving up the price of insurance for so many across the nation.

At the same time, the insurance company itself might be wondering if it needs to review every hour of labor time on this bill. 

Image Tortito/Reddit

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