Does Skin-Care Infused Makeup *Actually* Have Legitimate Skin Benefits? A Derm and Cosmetic Chemist Investigate

Well+Good  Makeup artists and beauty lovers agree: Good makeup requires good skin care. That philosophy, along with a marked rise in “skinimalism,” has led to the emergence of a new beauty category altogether that blends the lines of skin care and makeup. While multi-tasking products were on the rise pre-2020, there’s no denying that the […]

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Universal Orlando doubles down on development plans with regional train service investment

The Points Guy  The future is looking bright for train travel in Orlando. Brightline, the fast eco-friendly rail service expanding through Southern Florida, is headed to the country’s theme park capital later this year. Now, Universal has announced it will invest in a commuter rail station at Orlando’s Convention Center near the park’s Epic Universe […]

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What Movie Has The Best Racing Scenes?

Carscoops  A recent resurgence in mass audiences’ interest in racing, and the characters around motorsports, has resulted in no shortage of modern racing movies, culminating this week in the release of the first trailer for a movie based on a racing game: Gran Turismo. In promoting the movie today, director Neill Blomkamp nerded out about […]

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